Client: Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)

On the roof of the parking garage for Terminal 1, strong westerly winds were causing problems with the automatic doors to the elevator lobby, to the extent that the motors were breaking down. Given a limited construction budget of $50,000 to create a wind mitigation structure that would be effective and not completely obscure the view of the doors, we designed a screen that is fun, functional and elegant.

It was important to allow some porosity in the structure to slow the wind rather than simply deflect if over the top, and to allow pedestrian views through it. This steel screen is constructed of alternating bands of different widths, wrapping around the support poles. For added interest, the height is tiered for stability and is U-shaped.

Horizontal cut-outs add to the porosity and permit views between the parking area and the building entrance.

For accessibility and luggage handling convenience, there is no curb. We installed simple round bollards, which effectively protect the screen from snow removal equipment and adds to the playfulness of the design.